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Removing a Toyota Aygo 2014 onwards Factory Stereo

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Note: This will also work for the Peugeot 106 and the Citroen C1.

Recently I needed to remove the factory stereo from my Toyota Aygo but not a single tutorial talked about the 2014 onwards ones…so here’s how (you can also watch a video here).

  1. Around the stereo and down under the dials is a large piece of plastic. This is held in by clips, gently pull it and work around the edges…the edges at the bottom at the hardest to remove.

2. Once removed you’ll find the cable for your hazard/warning lights button is connected. You can remove this by pressing the clip at the top and then place the plastic trip to one side or you can just leave it attached.

3. Next, you need to remove the vent grill at the top. This simply lifts off upwards.

4. Next you’ll find two screws where the grill was. Remove these using a Philips head screwdriver.

5. Finally it’s time to remove the stereo. It’s now only held in by 4 clips. These clips are sturdier than the ones on the trim so you’ll need to use some more force but be careful as the stereo is still connected at the back by cables.

6. Now it’s all loose just remove the cables and you can replace the stereo or do whatever it is you want with it. I removed mine to retrofit one of the newer Aygo stereos in order to get CarPlay…here’s that blog post!