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Adding CarPlay into a 2014 Upwards Toyota Aygo

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Note: This will also apply to the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 106.

The Toyota Aygo is a great city-car, it’s super economical on fuel and is fun to drive however whilst the built in Touch radio has bluetooth connectivity the ‘AppInCar’ technology shipped in the models prior to 2018 isn’t fit for purpose as it’s no longer supported so unless you’re using an iPhone 4 or earlier you can’t use it.

However, in 2018 Toyota updated it to include Apple’s CarPlay and Android in the new models but because this was a new unit with new software you couldn’t simply upgrade the software.

So, if you want CarPlay in your Aygo what do you do?

  1. You might buy a third party stereo and appropriate wiring and fascia kit however by the time you’ve picked up one with a short body (it can’t be more than 150cm deep…and anything above 100 is a bit snug!). In addition to this you really need a professional to fit it, especially if you want your steering controls and reversing camera to work. In total this means you’re looking at £500 upwards.
  2. You could ask Toyota to order in the new stereo. Now, my local dealer just flat-out said they couldn’t order it and other sources online suggest that Toyota charge £2000 for one! – In my opinion, not worth it.
  3. Find a 2nd hand one online! – This is the best option and the way I found mine. If you want one with DAB then the part number is 86140-YV020 and if you don’t mind whether you have DAB or not then the one without is 86140-YV010 (These are more common).

How to find a second-hand one?

Ebay might be your first thought however in 6 months of saved-searches I didn’t see a single one of these come up…even simple searches for ‘Toyota Aygo Stereo’ only yielded the outdated version I already had.

You could also try local breakers-yards! – A Google for the part number you want gives you a few options across Europe but they seem to appear more frequently on Allegro, a Polish eBay-style site. Using Chrome and Google Translate you can navigate the site and I found one that worked out at £190 and then I just had to get it shipped (the seller didn’t ship to the UK). In the end I used shippn which enabled me to have it shipped to someone in Poland who then forwarded it on. This cost an extra £70 but still meant the overall upgrade total was less than even the cheapest branded CarPlay stereo out there.


The final stage is the easiest…you simply follow my tutorial to remove you existing stereo and then all the sockets fit where the old ones did and everything works! Bingo!

I hope this blog has helped someone out trying to do the same thing as I was!