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You can save 5% off any CareerFoundry course by signing up following my link here.

My Story

After over 10 years working in the charitable sector as a youth worker and youth work advisor I decided I wanted to change career to give me a healthier work/life balance. I had always been interesting in IT and had done a very basic WordPress websites and some very basic HTML/CSS 15 years previously in sixth form college.

I spent a lot of time exploring different bootcamps, comparing their time-commitments, teaching styles, the programming languages they taught, any job support and their cost. Following this research I signed up to the CareerFoundry Web Development bootcamp because:

  1. They taught both frontend and backend but focused on JavaScript allowing me to go deeper with one programming language rather than just skimming the surface with one. (3 years into my new career this has given me a great standing for learning other languages)
  2. The course is fully-remote and part-time which allowed me to continue my full-time job whilst doing the course and was cheaper than other courses.
  3. The course offered support for career-transition including a coach whilst you were searching for jobs. On top of that this included a simple, transparent guarantee that if you didn’t get a job within 6 months you would get a refund on your course fee.

3 years on from my course and I have changed career and, having also changed job to my 2nd web development position just over a year ago have worked my salary up to where it was in my old career. I work full-time and remote and am very happy I made the change.

You can watch a video of my experience of the course below and, if you want to reach out to find more information you can contact me on twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. I am more than happy to answer any questions about the course. Finally, you can hire me as a freelance web developer here.

Finally, you can save 5% off any CareerFoundry course by signing up following my link here