Age Verification and Restricting Content for your Shopify Store

Posted on: June 28, 2024

Whether your store is selling a mix of products including alcohol or has certain products you want to restrict there are times when you’ll want to check the age of a visitor to a collection or product on your store.

This is where my new Shopify app Simple Age Verification comes in to save the day at just $2.50 per month.

How to add an age verification popup to your Shopify store?

With my Simple Age Verification popup shopify app adding a fully customised popup to your store can be done right from within the Shopify dashboard.

My app lets you customise colours, the time between showing the popup to visitors, the title, content, style of verification and allows you to add an age so this app covers all your needs.

In addition to that, using the product and collection selectors you are already used to you can choose which collections or products the popup shows on and you can even toggle on ‘All products in a selection’ to show on individual products as well as the collection page.

Ways to validate age on Shopify

Let’s say you have a store selling alcohol gift hampers. These are in multiple collections depending on their alcohol type but also appear in general categories such as hampers too.

Achieving this can easily be done using the steps outlined in the previous paragraph but how do you verify an age?

We have two ways you can choose:

  1. You can verify age with ‘Enter’ and ‘Exit’ buttons (you can customise this text). This requires a visitor to say ‘Yes I’m 18’ and they will be let in or clicking exit will redirect them to a page of your choice.
    2. We also let you verify with a date field, asking users to add their date of birth and if they match the age you require they will be let in or otherwise, they will be redirected to a page of your choice.

The easiest way to add age verification to your site

With access to all your settings within your Shopify dashboard (no more new windows for changing app settings), product and collection pickers you’re used to and a really affordable price of $2.50 a month Simple Age Verification is the only age verification app you’ll need.

You can add my Age Verification Popup App to your Shopify store here